Q1: Could I use my own drone or unmanned vehicle ?

Yes, you can. Our software is designed to be compatible with third-party drone such as DJI, and open-hardware drones such as Ardupilot and PX4, and ROS-hardware such as Turtlebot and Yujinbot. Our philosophy is building a cross-platform software application for unmanned vehicles just like mobile APP works for a variety of smartphones.

Q2: What is the pricing ?

It’s divided by two categories: i) you have or ii) you do not have drone or unmanned vehicle. In the case of i): you pay software subscription fee is starting at $50/day. In the case of ii): you may rent our all-in-one package, including a hardware and software, the rental fee is starting at $150/day. As you rent a car, we need your credit card information as the security. The actual cost depends on the size and use case, simply chat with the founder to nail it down.

Q3: About all-in-one package, how much is the delivery fee ?

It depends on where you are. We are delivering to SF bay area in the US. The delivery fee is based on the travel time, typically, $35/hr. Two areas will be available soon: Taipei, Taiwan and Queensland, Australia.

Q4: Can I pick all-in-one package up by myself  ?

Yes, you can. We accept pick-up ($0 delivery fee) if you are in SF bay area in the US. Two areas will be available soon: Taipei, Taiwan and Queensland, Australia.

Q5: My property is special, could you make a customized plan for me

Yes, we can. In fact, we’d love to do it ! We are confident on our product design because it is customizable to broad use cases and scenarios. Connect with us for a discussion !